Megan Fox Refuses to Watch Herself, Drinks to Get Through It

Jul 14th, 2009

Ah, our lovely lady never ceases to amaze us. Is Megan Fox pulling a Johnny Depp? Looks like it. Seems as though the Transformers actress doesn't like to watch herself on screen. But for Transformers 2 she opted for alcohol to get her through the two and a half hours. We'll take a flash or something instead.

"I usually don't watch myself. I don't watch playback. I don't look at still photos. I have a phobia of it. But, I forced myself to sit down for Transformers 2. I shot an entire glass of champagne, so that I could get through it." (source)

It took us a few glasses, but we got through it Megs. It doesn't matter if you're speaking Chinese, as long as you're running scantily clad, you pretty much have our attention.

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