Megan Fox Says She's Single, Breaks Up With Brian Austin Greene

Jun 17th, 2009

We said it once and we'll say it again. We have a soft spot for Megan Fox and happy news ya'll. The sexy actress says she's single! No more 90210 love. Buh-bye Brian Austin Greene! You were and got lucky for a rather LOOOOONG time. We're just happy that the Fox finally got some sense.

Says Fox:

"I'm currently what you would call single, I guess."

Rumor has it that she gave David Silver the boot for the second time this year and don't get your hopes up...she's already got someone new in mind. When asked about her next conquest, she replied:

"Oh I don't know. There is this Korean Justin Timberlake named Rain and I'm really on his situation now. I'm trying to fix this up. I'm working hard." (source)

If only we were a fly on the wall. She's working hard on getting someone? Doesn't she know she could literally sit on her a$$ the rest of her life and people, animals, aliens, the works would flock to her? Pretty girl, stupid ideas.

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