Megan Fox Talks About Her Bi-sexual On Screen Kiss with Amanda Seyfried

Aug 31st, 2009

She may not be a great actress, but Megan Fox knows how to sell her own movie---talk EXCESSIVELY about her bi-sexual kiss with Jennifer's Body co-star, Amanda Seyfried. And here you have it ladies and gentleman...this is why we will be dishing out cash to see this more than likely suck fest.

In an interview with MTV news over the weekend, the Transformers star said:

"I feel much safer with girls, so I felt more comfortable kissing her in the movie than kissing any of the other people that I had to kiss. I think she was extremely uncomfortable. I don't think that — I know that. She was not comfortable and there was a lot of laughing — like, giggling fits that happened in between takes." (source)

Oh, how we wish we could be a fly on that wall. Here's to hoping this scene is in our dreams tonight.

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