Megan Fox's 18-Inch 'Jonah Hex' Waist

Jun 16th, 2010

If you put yourself through Jonah Hex, note that Megan Fox's waist is 18 inches! Yes, like I said, Meggers needs to eat. The corset was said to hurt so badly that it left imprints in Fox's skin for a full day. What people will do for a paycheck, I guess.

She told MTV News:

"It's small," she admitted. "We got it down to 18 inches. But in the action scenes, we loosened it up, because everyone was afraid I was going to pass out."

As if the discomfort weren't bad enough, Fox's midsection suffered even when the corset was off. "At the end of the day when we would take it off, it would leave these deep grooves, these deep indents from the boning in the corset," she described. "I'd have it for the whole next day. The next 24 hours I'd be imprinted with the corset. It hurts your ribs!"

At least she was able to deny Brian Austin Greene touching her those days. Yikes.

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