Megan Fox's 'Jennifer Body' Is A Box Office BOMB

Sep 22nd, 2009

Before we get into the story, yours truly wants to give you a review of Jennifer's Body. Like the most of you, I look to Megan Fox as this hot presence, not for her acting. However, I have to say that the movie surprised me. Sure, it bombed in the box office, but I have a feeling this will become a cult classic like Heathers or Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Okay so the movie was totally written with Megan in mind, but her creepy, eerie presence is something to note. She even has a scene where she cries and is fearful of her life...quite believable in my book. And while Megan would agree with us that she's in this business for her looks and not talent, I'd tell her not to give up and I think with some great talent coaches and acting classes, Megan could become a very sought out actress.

Kudos for Amanda Seyfried being the lesbionic obsessed friend who fights off evil of the evil. Amy Sedaris is even in it! And a thumbs up for Adam Brody playing the most cliche indie band lead singer character...he aced it. The soundtrack was pretty dope and the story (that most of you wouldn't even think was the main point just by viewing the trailer) is pretty damn catchy. Diablo Cody does use a few cheesy puns and metaphors here and there (to be expected, ah hem Juno?) but all in all I was a fan of the script.

As for box office salary, she may have not wowed the studio in earnings, but methinks this movie will have more of a following after being released on DVD. Hellooooo Donnie Darko and Napoleon Dynamite anyone?

Megan Fox's new movie Jennifer's Body premiered over the weekend, taking in $6.8 million, roughly $24 million less than the #1 movie of the weekend, the computer-animated Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. In other news, kids are fucking stupid. You animate anything and their dumb asses will go see it. I don't care what it is either, grass growing, paint drying, an old episode of Welcome Back Kotter, whatever. They're like moths to a flame, if moths were retarded. (source)

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