Megan Fox's Rose Boy Gets Screwed Over...Again

Jun 29th, 2009

Poor rose boy! First he tries to give Megan Fox a simple, lonely rose. Then he's found on Facebook for a reward of $5K sponsored by Kodak. Gets a public apology from Fox herself. Gets flown into New York to personally meet her only to arrive at The Today Show and find out that Fox is in Los Angeles. We bet Rose Boy went to the nearest McDonalds and cried into a quarter pounder while Fox was getting quarter pounded back in LA.

According to reports:

Kodak flew him to New York, hoping to get him an audience with Fox on the "Today" show, which had booked her for a segment Friday. But Fox was bumped after Michael Jackson's death, and she's since returned to LA. A source tells Page Six, "Kodak basically put this kid on a plane on the off-chance that he'd get to meet her. They never even confirmed with 'Today.' Now they're offering him around for interviews. It's exploitative and creepy." A rep for "Today" says, "Harvey was never scheduled to appear and we don't plan to have him on." (source)

Kid goes from zero to hero with a crap load of money. Forget Fox, by the time this publicity stunt wears off...the kid's going to have millions in interview money and land any chick on the block. We hear Lindsay Lohan's available. God, if you think a rose gets you far on The Bachelor...then you have yet to hear this mo's story.

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