Mena Suvari In Lime Green Bikini, Parties In Vegas

Aug 26th, 2009

Ah, the late 90s was a place where Mena Suvari could flock around in rose petals or play up her virgin-side. And can you believe it's a decade later and she doesn't look a day aged? Well, we're likin' what we're seein' in this lime green bikini, Mena.

We could only imagine where our day job allowed us to mingle in Vegas and look like this. Call us jealous, but Mena's got some great genes and has some great locations to party. Sure her famous star has fallen over the years (just like that AWFUL buzz hair cut last year), but we'd like to see her back on top again. Even if the roses run out, there are always daisies and tulips...

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