Mila Kunis & Natalie Portman Both Dropped 20 Pounds For New Film "Black Swan"

Dec 01st, 2010

Two of Hollywood's thinnest women lost even more weight for their roles in Black Swan. It's hard to believe that both Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman had even that much to lose, but during recent promotion for the flick, which is out this Friday, both actresses have admitted to losing 20 pounds to portray their ballerina characters in the most realistic light.

Mila told NYLON magazine for the cover of the December/January issue that she went down to 95 pounds after training.

"It was the most intense training I’ve ever had in my life, and probably will have for anything. I looked like Gollum [from The Lord of the Rings],” she said.

While the former That '70s Show star was disappointed with losing her boobs and butt, co-star Natalie said she would do it all over again.

"I think I would do this kind of training again because it's just so rewarding. It's always one of those things where, when you put in a lot, you get out a lot," Portman said.

We're more excited for their hot lesbian action scene.

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