Mila Kunis Trivia, and More Saucy Pics!

Mar 21st, 2012

Mila Kunis Trivia, and More Saucy Pics!
Five things you probably didn’t know about the pint sized honey that is, Mila Kunis:

1) As a child, Mila suffered from glaucoma and was required to inject steroids into her eyes to treat the condition.

2) Mila was by far the youngest cast member of That '70s Show. When she was auditioning for the part of Jackie, she was only 14 years old.. and lied about it!!

3) Her left eye is green and her right eye is blue.

4) She claims that she is an avid fan of the online video game World of Warcraft and plays whenever she has the time.

5) Ashton Kutcher "punk'd" her off-screen during the production of an episode of That '70s Show by painting her black car pink, and wrote in "I Love Ashton".

And to top it all off 5 things she said:

1) “I am such a nerd. I'm not one of those girls that goes, "Ha, ha, hee, hee. I'm a nerd." No, no, no--my brain mentality is the same as a 12-year-old little boy. The video games that I play, the things that I like to watch--I'm a Trekkie. I'm so happy the nerds are finally winning. “

2) “Acting was a total mistake. It was just something that happened as an accident.”

3) “Tight black shorts and a leather bustier and a black coat-type thing. It's almost impossible to look slightly coordinated in 5-inch heels in snow. But apparently, that's what assassins like to wear nowadays.”

4) “If I ever, even for a second, started getting a big head, I was brought back to reality pretty quickly. I was working full time and still had to fight for a cellphone. Then the car thing came around. Oh my God! You would have thought I was asking for a private jet! I kicked and screamed, and I got my stupid car. Then I did something dumb and my parents took my keys away. I told them, "But I have to go to work tomorrow!" And they said, "You'll figure it out." Yeah, those are my parents -- and that's why I'm pretty grounded.”

5) “I love my religion. I think it's a beautiful religion but I took parts of it that I want for myself. I don't need to go to temple. I will, but I don't need to.”

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