Miles Austin Used Kim Kardashian

Sep 28th, 2010

Considering Kim Kardashian made Reggie Bush a nice house hold name (okay, okay all you sports buffs, he was TOTALLY famous before her), Miles Austin wanted to follow suit...or so that's what Us Weekly is claiming. A source claims Miles is cool with the break up because dating her still put him in the public eye.

"Sitting on the floor of the Lakers game with her was better than any commercial of him that would ever run," an insider tells "Sure, he liked her to an extent, but he loved the publicity a lot more."

Even though it didn't work out, Austin, 26, is still "pumped because dating her really put him into the national spotlight and really raised his awareness in the public eye," says the source. "He thought she was cool, but by no means is he heartbroken."

Honestly, we just feel bad for her vagina. Another one bites the dust.

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