Miley Cyrus Is A Homewrecker, Steals Liam Hemswort From Girlfriend

Sep 04th, 2009

Miley Cyrus' bank account must have caught Liam Hensworth's eye when they made out for their movie a couple of months ago. You know the girl is far from attractive and talented, so we have to give it to Liam--he somehow can handle looking at and listening to her. Poor Liam's did she know her boyfriend would be bewitched by a butt load of money?

Okay so we know how girls are and we can imagine Liam's ex using this to get her name in papers, but boy is Jonica Bray heartbroken.

But as the 19-year-old student would soon discover, the love of her life was not acting at all — he had fallen head over heels for the Hannah Montanas star.

Even worse, Laura had to learn from friends that 19-year-old Liam was dating the teen star.

"He was my boyfriend and my best friend," Laura tells Woman's Day in an exclusive interview. "There is no other reason why we would have broken up." In the days since she found out her boyfriend had dumped her for Miley, 16, Laura has confessed on her Facebook site her "total utter regret", that she's suffering "depression of some sort", and that she has "tears streaming".

Meanwhile, the millionaire US actress is using Twitter to bask in the joy of her romance with former Neighbours star Liam. "Against all odds I fell in love," she wrote recently.

"I think I'll just sit around and eat sushi and watch Liar Liar with Liam." (source)

BURRRRRN. Who knew Hannah Montana had playa skill?

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