Miley Cyrus Is Most Searched Person

Dec 01st, 2010

One of the most annoying people on the planet is officially the most searched person on Yahoo! The company claims that in 2010, the Disney star somehow peaked the interest of millions of people. That goes to show you what kind of world we're living in.

I think other countries are more liberal to their older teenagers, but a video that got leaked of Miley doing a lap dance on a guy at a wrap party for “The Last Song” created quite a stir. When she followed it up with an overly sexual video for "Can’t Be Tamed" people’s songs (and apparently searches) really started wagging. She then came out with an even steamier video for “Who Owns My Heart,” before she FINALLY turned 18 and was no longer jail bait.

Even though this tween diva "Can't Be Tamed" you can help her find True Love, in this popular girls game featuring the talented, most searched, Miley Cyrus.


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