Miley Cyrus Sure Is Hungry

Jan 19th, 2011

Looks like someone got stoned on their 18th birthday. Okay so I'm not sure if Miley Cyrus was, but with the amount of food the pop star had whipped up for her legal birthday bash, one can imagine she and her friends had some great fun that day and night.

Celebrating her 18th birthday days [after the bong video leaked], Miley treated pals to what can only be described as a food orgy at Gollywood’s trendy Scarpetta eatery, telling her server: “We’re starving and can’t make up our mind - so bring us one of EVERYTHING on the menu!” Quicker than you can say “pot luck,” the chef whipped up appetizers, pasta, soups, salads and entrees including venison, ravioli with duck…and much, much more.

Okay now I'm hungry...

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