Miley Cyrus Tries To Underage Party, Gets Denied!

Dec 09th, 2009

So I'm sure the word "no" doesn't come across that often to any of Miley's requests, but if she thought she was heading into a Miami Beach club without a problem last week, she was wrong. Home girl's only 17, come on Miley, get a good ol fake ID like the rest of us.

Miley Cyrus doesn't hear the word "no" very often -- but TMZ has learned that's exactly what she heard when she tried to get into a club in Miami Beach Wednesday night.

We spoke to multiple people connected to the 21-and-over Club LIV at the Fontainebleau hotel -- including a manager, an owner and a rep -- who all told us Miley and her posse showed up to party at the hotspot like they were adults. They all told us Miley was turned away at the door because she obviously didn't meet the age requirement. (source)

She didn't meet the age requirement nor the IQ to figure out how many more years it'd take for her allowed entry.

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