Miley shows us what she's got... Not sure if anyone wants it though...?

Aug 28th, 2013

We can just imagine the conversation between Miley Cyrus and the MTV VMA producers 'I want to shed my 'little girl' image'... 'Well Miley, you could prove your maturity singing a great song really well and showing some staying power in the business'... 'Or I could strip down to my knickers, put a giant hand on and dance around in front of an audience of millions grinding against Robin Thicke and gesticulating at my lady bits wildly'... 'Ok, good idea'...

No doubt everyone has now heard of the incident where Miley Cyrus shocked the VMA audience by appearing out of a giant teddy bear to sing her new song dressed in a skimpy leotard type thing with her tongue hanging out. However, when Robin Thicke hit the stage to sing 'Blurred Lines', Miley took it all a bit of a way further by stripping down to her skimpy under bits and act out a bad porno live on stage.

Glad my kids weren't watching... Glad I wasn't there... Glad I'm not her fiance. Wish I had a bum like that though!

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