Mischa Barton Confused at Movie Premiere, Needs To Head Back To Rehab

Sep 29th, 2009

Oh, Mischa Barton. What are we going to do with you? Your show couldn't even last two weeks without getting canceled (congrats on having this season's first cancellation!) and now you're showing up to the wrong places. Drug addiction, anyone? We sure think so!

I should also mention that a close source to me spilled some deets on Mischa from last week. The source was at the place where Mischa was getting ready before attending the art gallery last week. Seems as though home girl fell asleep while getting ready and even dropped her cigarette---they had to pick it up and wake her up.

But first things first, back to the original story:

Things were topsy-turvy at the screening of Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story" at Alice Tully Hall Monday night. Our spy said, "Mischa Barton showed up and was asking for tickets. She started walking the red carpet and saw it was sponsored by Esquire SOHO, the men's magazine's SOHO Mews penthouse. Then, our witness says, "She took one look around and realized she was in the wrong place." Barton finally ran across the street to attend the Met Opera's opening of "Tosca." (source)

Hot mess---double the mess.

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