Mischa Barton Drunk and Ugly

Jul 03rd, 2009

We're sorry we have to do this to you, but when a once celebrity looks like this...we have to cash in. And unfortunately for Mischa Barton, drunk does not look good on her. Double chin? Ridiculous lazy eye? What the hell is going on with this girl?

Well we don't know where she was the other night, but wherever she was must have been a good time because the girl ended up walking around like the queen of hot messes. We're just worried about the guy who woke up next to her. We could imagine this guy with beer goggles drunk texting his friends "Yooo I'm getting with that girl from the OC!" and waking up in the morning to find himself puking by the sight of what lay next to him.

Get it together, Mischa. Everyone likes a drunk girl, but not a drunk ugly one.

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