Mischa Barton Relapses, Hits The Bottle

Dec 16th, 2009

Sober coach, huh? Rehab, huh? That's probably the response you'd get from Mischa Barton if you're lucky enough to get a nice little meet and greet on the street. And that's only because she's probably still hammered from the night before. Mischa's been bad...very bad.

According to The New York Post:

Misha Barton doesn't seem to be using her "sober coach" anymore. The actress, who was given a chaperon to control her partying while working on her now-canceled show, "The Beautiful Life," was at SoHo eatery Mexican Radio earlier this week with a group of friends, knocking back shots and drinking margaritas. "They all looked like they were having fun," a source says. "She looked healthy and in control." (source)

And that's the way the skank cookie crumbles. And what's with this source? How does Mischa, Margaritas, and healthy even exist in the same sentence?

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