Mischa Barton Shines In a Sexy Tina Turner Minidress

Aug 12th, 2009

Well folks, Mischa Barton is bouncing back from her downward spiral of depression. She looks great in a gold mini dress! Will she stay positive and upbeat with a jam packed schedule or will she be "rolling down the river?"...

Mischa Barton has the potential to go very far with her skills and talent. We hope she can keep it together so we can continue to witness her continued success.

Well, these photos prove one thing for sure. She is definitely succeeding at persuading a handsome hottie to hold her heels while she takes a break from her hard work.

Looking good must be hard work right?

Staying that way is a whole different story.

Mischa Barton is making it happen so we'll just keep monitoring her progress. She can't afford to get sick again. There's a whole gang of talented actresses just waiting to get their next big break.

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