Mischa Barton's Holey Dress Doesn't Hide the Cottage Cheese

Sep 24th, 2009

How is it that the borderline anorexic crackpots of the world are rocking cellulite? While we’re just as baffled as you as to how twigs can sport anything than skin and bones, we thought we’d prove our point with these pics of Mischa Barton, the newest member of Hollywood’s Crazy Hall of Fame. Can you say cottage cheese? Yuuuuum.

OK. We’ll give a little credit where it’s due. The girl’s trendy black dress is baring all the right cleavage and—wait, scratch that. Looks like the royalties from the O.C. aren’t enough to buy nutty Misch a seamstress. Those would be HOLES… in her DRESS. That Barton is a class act.

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