Miss California Carrie Prejean's Mother had Lesbian Relations

May 22nd, 2009

Controversial Miss California Carrie Prejean who's ant-gay marriage comment to Perez Hilton on Miss USA 2009 pageant made headlines all across the nation and an internet phenomenon. Miss Prejean's conservative wholesome values that marriage is a sacred matrimony between a man and a woman in the eyes of God and her Christian faith has a lesbian Mother. The plot thickens!

According to the divorce record, it was listed that her Mother and Father made 'gay allegations' for the reasoning of the split.

That Miss Cailfornia USA crownmay be firmly affixed to her head, but controversy won’t stop swirling

Valerie Vetrano, an openly gay sales rep from Corona, Calif., claims she had a lesbian relationship with Prejean’s mom, Francine Coppola.

“I did date her,” she told ABCNews.com Wednesday evening. “I’m not going to deny it, but I’m not going to say anything else.”

Vetrano, whose connection to Coppola was first reported by Star magazine, declined to comment on how long their relationship lasted but confirmed it ended “a couple weeks before Carrie Prejean was in the Miss USA competition.”

According to an unnamed friend quoted by Star, Coppola’s family knew nothing of her affair, although during her 1996 divorce from the beauty queen’s father, Will Prejean, both parties made gay allegations against the other. (source)

Perhaps the reasoning for her anti-gay comment stems from her parents divorce and her mothers lesbian relations. Maybe she's trying to rebel against her Mother? Whatever the case may be, Carrie Michelle Prejean is no 'saint' and I think if she had embraced and supported her Mothers sexuality, perhaps an equal gay rights comment would of won her the Miss USA title.

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