Mo'Nique An Apparent Terror Subject For Barbara Walters

Mar 12th, 2010

Barbara Walters is sitting back in her View chair claiming all went well between she and Academy Award winner, Mo'Nique, when she interviewed the award winning actress for her Oscars special. Reports, however, are claiming much different. Mo'Nique's list of demands were just the start.

Privately, sources are confirming that Babs is incredibly unhappy with how things went down between she and Mo.

"Barbara is telling friends that Mo'Nique was one of her most challenging subjects ever," claims our well-placed informant. "If Barbara needed one more reason to quit the Oscar specials, Mo'Nique gave it to her."

. . . when Walters' producers came calling, [Mo'nique] had a few requests.

"She had very specific hair and makeup demands," says a source. "She also insisted that Barbara fly down to Atlanta. Barbara usually goes to her subject's home, whether it's Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts. Mo'Nique wouldn't let Barbara into her house. She was so disrespectful and dismissive that Barbara's producer, Bill Geddie, had to step in and ask Mo'Nique's husband, Sid [Hicks], why Mo was being so rude."

The one and only thing Mo'Nique should be demanding is perhaps a person brave enough to grab a razor from the bathroom and go to town on those beast legs. I bet Mo'Nique's right leg alone has created at least 50 new species.

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