Move Over J.Lo, Mariah Carey To Be Next 'American Idol' Judge?

Aug 18th, 2010

The judging section is no way big enough for both Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey, but it didn't stop Nick Cannon pitching her to the American Idol team. After reports surfaced that JLo's diva demands ruined her shot, the iconic singer may just be the next judge.

Nick Cannon's pitch for "American Idol" to pick his wife, Mariah Carey, as a judge might pick up steam now that it appears Jennifer Lopez is out of the running. cites J.Lo's divalike demands as being a stumbling block to cutting a deal for her to join the show.

As much as Mariah may annoy the world, at least Idol could potentially involve someone who knows what they're talking about when it comes to singing. She makes more sense than Ellen Degeneres ever did.

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