Move Over Oprah! Angelina Jolie's Got the Power

Jun 05th, 2009

Okay so we’re not so surprised to hear that Angelina Jolie is loaded and that she came a knockin’ on Oprah’s door and said “Hey! Retreat to number two!” to nab the first spot in the ranking of Forbes’ The Celebrity 100 list (ranks the most powerful celebrities.) And that’s just because, well, Angelina could rob a Vietnamese foster care home of nine children and not even Jesus himself would come down and reprimand her. Hard, hard life.

After two years of owning the top spot, Oprah’s reign has finally come to an end. So what if Oprah made $275 million last year and Angelina only made $27 million? When it comes to ho-ing their biznazz out to the media, Jolie turned it out. And since Forbes’ list is based on my two favorite M’s—media and money—the actress, humanitarian, and Brad Pitt’s dog walker has found a new home in the top position.

Rounding out the top ten is:
3. Madonna ($110 million)
4. Beyonce ($87 million)
5. Tiger Woods ($110 million)
6. Bruce Springsteen ($70 million)
7. Steven Spielberg ($150 million)
8. Jennifer Aniston ($25 million)
9. Brad Pitt ($28 million)

Poor Jennifer Aniston is held back in the ranks and has lost out to the Messiah Jolie yet again. And who knew a rockin’ rumor of infidelity could boost your ratings, Bruce Springsteen? I guess it’s okay when you’re Dancin’ in the Dark...with another woman. Keep it out of Jersey, next time.

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