MTV Like Totally Yells At Kristin Cavallari For Being 'Real' On 'The Hills'

Oct 23rd, 2009

So, like, totally. MTV does not like want any kind of real emotion on The Hills, you know because like then it would sooo not be that show! And apparently Kristin Cavallari is not diggin' the whole 'being fake' thing. Really? Could have fooled us.

Kristin Cavallari is in hot water with MTV, and the ink is barely dry on her $100,000 per show contract for “The Hills.” Kristin replaced Lauren Conrad and now narrates the series. MTV wants the show to be perceived as REAL and unscripted so they insist that Kristin NOT date anyone openly except her love interest on the show, Justin Bobby, or whoever. But Kristin is stubborn and she has been dating the former editor of 944 magazine, Sonny Smith, for about six months. She was spending time with him in Las Vegas, somewhat undercover, but couldn’t resist going out in LA and was photographed leaving Philippe restaurant. MTV execs are NOT happy and they gave her a warning. (source)

I won't even comment on this. They're paying home girl $100K per episode. They could tell me to wrap myself in saran wrap, light myself on fire, and climb the Statue of Liberty and I would. Hell, I'd even tongue Carrot Top or Samantha Ronson.

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