'My Fair Lady' Sure Isn't Bringing Out the Fairness Between Keira Knightley & Scarlett Johansson!

Sep 07th, 2009

Keira Knightley + Scarlett Johansson + Fighting = one of the hottest cat fights in the history of cat fights. Apparently Keira's none too thrilled that she's got a big competitor for the role she wants in My Fair Lady.

According to The Chicago Sun Times seems as though Knightley's a little threatened by Scar-Jo.

STAR FEUD? Keira Knightley is not happy she's got a big competitor for the role of Eliza Doolittle in a big-screen remake of ''My Fair Lady.'' While Knightley more closely resembles the original movie's Audrey Hepburn, Scarlett Johansson reportedly has a better singing voice -- something Knightley has been working to improve for the past three years. (source)

We'll take the fight over the movie's production any day.

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