MySpace Mutant Tila Tequila Pregant? Say it Ain't So

May 21st, 2009

Hopefully this is just an sick and twist excuse for attention because the thought of Tila Tequila spawning a child makes me want to blow up Hollywood. She twittered a vague pregnancy outing today stating that she's knocked up:

"Before I bounce, and since it's late... I'm gonna tell y'all something REAL FAST, and then delete it, ok?

"Since nobody is awake... reason why I've been feeling sick on and off lately is because yes, I am pregnant!

"*GASPS******Ok, bye." (source)

I don't know who's worst, Tila or Paris Hilton reproducing. They are both two people that should be spaded or neutered because they both look like transvestites so you never know what they're packing underneath those crusty panties.

But wait there's more, later Tila twittered for someone to "step up to the plate", is that the sperm doner? Her pimp?

"You should at least step up to the plate or I’m gonna have to put you on blast in the media...and IM SURE thats not what you want do you?”

“All I know is if this m*therf*$ker doesnt step up soon Im gonna have to go to the media and put him on blast. imma give him 1 chance step up”

"I make my own m*thaf*&kin money, Im my own boss b*tch, so dont think I need you for anything. I will take care of it myself then." (source)

Who knows what those vague comments are all about. Tila's probably all strung out on glue, because you know famous chicks love to sniff glue [Lindsay Lohan], she has know clue what she's talking about. I call this a media stunt, what do you think? Preggo or attention seeker?

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