Naomi Campbell Wanted By NYC Police After Limo Driver Assault

Mar 02nd, 2010

Looks like the most violent supermodel in history, Naomi Campbell, is wanted again for---you guessed it---assaulting yet ANOTHER person. Shortly just after 1 pm today, Naomi punched her limo driver in Manhattan then took off like a bat out of hell, hiding out from police.

Campbell slugged the 27-year-old driver, then ran from the scene at E. 58th St. and Second Ave. just after 1 p.m.

The driver reported the incident to police, who were canvassing the area.

It was just the latest tantrum thrown by the tempermental beauty.

In 2008, she pleaded guilty to assaulting a pair of police officers during a fit at Heathrow Airport.

The previous year, she pleaded guilty to tossing a cell phone at her maid in Manhattan and was sentenced to anger management classes and community service. (source)

Honestly, throw this over privileged dumb ass in jail for a few days and I DOUBT she'll be able to hit anything aside from the 50 vaginas throwing themselves all over her. I pray to the Gods of jail that they send her ass there.

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