Naomi Campbell's Boyfriend Is A Married Man

Feb 16th, 2010

Russian tycoon Vlad Doronin pretty much has the life. Aside from being a zillionaire and dating a supermodel/cell phone attacker/lunatic nut job, his wife lies back in London with their teenage daughter. Watching your husband gallivant around with a supermodel doesn't hurt, right?

Friends of Russian tycoon Vlad Doronin are surprised Naomi Campbell is still hanging on to him. Whenever he's in London, he lives with his wife, Katya, and his teenage daughter. And the couple, who have an open marriage, have no immediate plans to divorce. Vlad supposedly bought Naomi a penthouse in Rio last year for $18 million, and she gets to fly private with him everywhere. But why put in so much time with a married man? (source)

Why??? Is it really not black and white enough for you? Why would you care about some dude's wife when he's buying you a pad worth $18 million?! Not to mention in freakin' RIO. HELLO.

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