Never a Dull Moment with Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

Jun 08th, 2009

We hope you all have been watching that gem of a show I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here. If you haven't and you're in the mood to laugh your butts off, then turn on NBC every night to see D-list celebrities survive in the jungle. And of course Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have graced us with their presences and OF COURSE Heidi somehow ended up in the hospital. To warn you before viewing, Janice Dickinson's face alone will scare the crap out of you, but it's worth it.

After the first or second night on the show, The Hills and reality TV's most annoying couple left the show claiming they're as famous as Brangelina and that they don't deserve to be on a show like this. Don't worry, they apparently came back after they realized this was the only job they could get.

Well, over the weekend Heidi was rushed to a Costa Rican hospital and now the details are starting to spill out.

The Hills star was reportedly "convulsively throwing up" due to the 'torture' she was subjected to on I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!!

Heidi was diagnosed with a gastric ulcer, and has since left the hospital after being put on a round of antibiotics.

And one of the primary causes of gastric ulcers? Stress! (source)

Since the duo wanted to come back on the show after they peaced out, as both punishment and in order to redeem themselves to the other cast mates, the two spent one and one night in a dark room. They were only given water, rice, and beans. I'm we thought Heidi was anorexic. Not a dream come true I guess.

Then some source claims they felt for Speidi and described the punishment as "the same as Guantanamo Bay." Yeah, that we doubt. Lucky for Spencer's attorney, he gave him the boot after Pratt claims he convinced the two to stay. He also plans to sue the crap out of NBC. And just when you thought these two couldn't pull anything else out of their bleached heads.

However he might find some trouble. NBC has stayed mum over the whole sitch, but the production company, ITV, has released a statement in order to put the rumors to rest.

ITV Studios, producers of the series, state that press reports at this time are untrue. ITV has been producing this format around the world for many years and the health of the celeb participants are of the utmost importance. A medic and a doctor are present at the location at all times for all participants. All allegations of the celebrities being deprived of food and water are completely untrue. (source)

Speidi's rebuttal in 5...4...3...(they probably forgot how to count at this point.)

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