Never Use A Pick Up Line On Charlize Theron

Oct 28th, 2010

No idea why anyone would ever even think of trying a pick up line on Charlize Theron, considering she's one of the world's most beautiful women and all. But someone had the balls to do it and basically got shut down. That person is Aaron Sorkin, the dude who wrote the screenplay for the now hit smash The Social Network.

Aaron Sorkin, the acclaimed "West Wing" writer, now sizzling hot with his "Social Network" movie smash, sitting thisclose and cozy at Chateau Marmont table with Charlize Theron, who's sizzling hot because she's..well, sizzling hot! Then according to My EarWitness, comes the great writer's opening line. "C'mon, Charlize, you know you want to." Charlize:" No, Aaron, I just broke up with my boyfriend. Aaron:"Let's go back to my place. It will be fun." Charlize:"No, I don't want to."


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