NEW! Lauren Budd Models Bikinis and Underwear

Mar 31st, 2009

Earlier this year we posted some swimsuit bikini pictures of Lauren Budd, the hottest celebrity we knew nothing about. Two months and dozens of bikini and underwear pictures later we've learned one thing and one thing only. Lauren Budd may sometimes go under the modeling name, Violet Budd. Enjoy the pictures!

March 31st, 2009 by Tags: Lauren Budd, models, bikini, underwear
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silverblt69 on 04/02/2009 @ 05:21

Looks as though she knows how to shave it people!!!hahaha...

awesome on 04/05/2009 @ 22:39

shes hot man! hottie pics! thanks!

Amy on 04/06/2009 @ 06:49

Very sexy and sensational all the bikinis. very fabulous bikinis, I love the style.

Allen on 04/06/2009 @ 06:51

they are all sexy and hot. All the pictures are almost perfect.

manish singh on 06/21/2010 @ 09:21

i love this picture very much can you give me your mail ID and mobile no.

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