Nick Cannon Is DJ Sex Fingers? TMI, Mariah Carey

Oct 22nd, 2009

We all have those ridiculous over-the-top names for our other halves. Fine. But most of the time we like to keep the pet names in the bedroom and not for a room full of people to hear. Especially when you're Mariah Carey, the WORLD to hear. Who knew Nick Cannon's alias was 'DJ Sex Fingers?' Vomit.

Mariah Carey has a special name for husband Nick Cannon. At Cannon's birthday party at club Bank in Las Vegas the other night, the songstress presented him with a cake shaped like deejay turntables and inscribed with the message, "Happy Birthday DJ Sex Fingers -- Love, M.C.C." Carey then performed three of her songs for Cannon, including "I Want To Know What Love Is," before turning the party over to Cannon to dee jay. (source)

All I know is that any guy putting his love nails all over that bod, must have some dj sex fingers. You'd think they'd wither up and dry upon departure.


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