Nicole Richie Somehow Gets Extended

Jun 25th, 2010

This story is pretty stupid, but I guess it works since Nicole Richie is as well. Remember way back in 2006 when Richie was caught driving the wrong way on the highway? Yeah, that little incident landed her some nice probation and having to complete 30 something alcohol education classes. Four years later, she still didn't finish them. Lindsay, can you hear this?

Her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, explained to the judge Tuesday that Richie had a court-approved leave of absence from her alcohol education classes, a condition of her probation, while she raised her kids, Harlow, 2, and Sparrow, 9 months.

Richie's probation will be extended until March 2011, but the judge said she'd call off the probation if Richie finishes her classes earlier.

Guess kids come in handy when you want to get out of probation. Seriously, she couldn't finish these classes by now??? She had to extend a whole year? PLEASE.

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