NO BAIL For Lindsay Lohan! In Jail Until Next Hearing On Oct. 22!

Sep 24th, 2010

Boo hoo Lindsay Lohan! Maybe this time around she'll have time to straighten out behind bars. Ugh, one can only imagine the withdrawals this girl is going to go through. Good luck to the guards. Anywho, the judge basically shipped Lohan off to jail today as he opted NOT to set bail meaning she'll have to stay behind bars until her next hearing on Oct. 22.

And kids, this is what happens when you do drugs. Since Lindsay failed two drug tests, she could get an additional 60 days (30 for each failure) to the time she's already going to be serving until Oct. 22.

As for Lindsay's reaction ... she was shocked when the judge remanded her into custody. Lindsay looked at her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holly, before being taken out of the courtroom.

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