No More Emmanuelle Chriqui On "Entourage"

May 04th, 2011

Entourage is gearing up for its eighth and final season, but you won't be seeing it this summer on HBO, which means no more Sloan aka Emmanuelle Chriqui. But how is the star taking it? "It's all very bittersweet," she says.

Emmanuelle says she's moving on to other things. And, after taking a look at IMDB, it appears she's providing the voice for a new animated TV series called Thundercats and is due to co-star in the sci-fi TV series Tron: Uprising. Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore and Pee Wee Herman aka Paul Reubens will also voice characters in the series.

This is the eighth and final season for Entourage, but the creator says he clearly wants to write a film about the characters -- so add that to the list of her projects.

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