Of Course Mariah Carey's Nursery Costs More Than My House

Feb 23rd, 2011

It's a win-lose situation for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's twins. In a way, they'll live in the lap of luxury...in another way, they'll have a psycho mom and a dad who won't shut up. Either way, their luxury nursery is pretty damn sweet.

"Mariah and Nick have converted a whole wing of their Beverly Hills house into a luxury nursery,' says a pal. Mariah wanted 18-carat gold trim, with ivory walls, soft furnishings and walk-in wardrobes full of Petit Trésor designer clothes. There's a top-of-the-range sound system and they'll each have diamond-encrusted iPods and a flatscreen TV that comes down from the ceiling."

The twins will sleep in Chelsea Sleigh cribs, £1,390 each, while Mum and Dad relax in Glam Glider chairs at a knockdown £1,420. And there's a Clara changing table, worth £1,780.

"It might seem over the top, but Mariah has waited 
a long time for her baby dreams to come true and 
she says the twins will be 
the most spoilt kids on 
the planet."

People in third world countries are weeping if they're able to ever read this.

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