Oksana Grigorieva Threw Away $15 Million From Mel Gibson

Jul 23rd, 2010

If Oksana Grigorieva would have just kept the infamous Mel Gibson tapes a secret, she could have pocketed an easy $15 million, which included child support, a house and other assets. Back in May during their child custody mediation, lawyers for both parties worked out this financial deal for Oksana.

But sources intimately familiar with the mediation tell us Oksana promised something in return -- that all "evidence" associated with the case remain confidential. We've learned the "evidence" includes the tapes.

Oksana and Mel both signed a "short form agreement" -- a bare-bones contract outlining the broad strokes of the deal. The lawyers then drafted a long form agreement which contained specifics of the deal, but we're told Oksana refused to sign the long form, claiming she felt coerced.

Guess that $15 million is long gone! Looks like she thought she'd get more by releasing these horrific tapes. All she did was burn our ears for the rest of our lives.

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