Olivia Wilde Was A Competitive Eater

Nov 18th, 2010

Who knew someone so tiny could stuff their face with a huge amount of food? Prior to finding success, Olivia Wilde was a struggling actress in Hollywood who decided to enter into the world of competitive eating and thus a star was born. Yes, the uber hottie somehow managed to stuff her face full of 33 pancakes in just 20 minutes.

Actress Olivia Wilde's competitive eating career was short-lived - she quit after winning a pancake contest. The House star ate 33 pancakes in just 20 minutes when she was a struggling actress in Australia, but had mixed emotions about the big win.

She says, "I entered the contest only because they said a woman could never win, and that's a surefire way to get me to do something. I've always had a huge appetite and (I) don't get full easily, so I guess I was meant to be a competitive eater... But I'd never do it again."

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