Pamela Anderson in Panties, Severely Underdressed

Dec 09th, 2008

Pamela Anderson, the big-buxomed Baywatch babe (how's that for alliteration?) stunned the guest list at Art Basel in Miami for appearing particularly and severely underdressed for the event. Anderson's attire more suited for college sorority party, consisted of a multi-colored beanie (...and no Carlos Mencia, we didn't say Beaner, you hack!), an over-sized, Rastafarian t-shirt that drooped over her wrinkly left shoulder, and a pair short-shorts which looked like to have been stolen from Tony the Tiger himself.

On a side note, does anyone else thing Pamela Anderson is beginning to suffer from Tara Reid-ism? You know, the wrinkly face, chubby waist, and overly gluttonous maximus? Just saying...

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