Pamela Anderson Wants To Be A Pop Star, Cover Your Ears!

Dec 14th, 2009

Get the kleenex ready for ears. You'll need it to clear the blood out after you listen to this hot mess of a song. Apparently Pamela Anderson is looking to broaden her career. Shying away from her legs over her head spread (as we would assume that's the position she's going for), Ms. Anderson (or Mrs. whoever she's married to now) would like to dabble in the music industry.

According to The New York Post:

Pamela Anderson is launching a pop career with her debut single, "High." It's not about drugs, but about high fashion, her friend Richie Rich says. "We are recording a pop single together. Pam says she wants to sing, but nothing too difficult, so she's just going to sing the word 'high' over and over," he told us. (source)

No, it's just about how high she got when she landed on Tommy Lee's goods back in the day on that yacht. I'm high from just reading about this and looking at her.

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