Pamela Anderson's Fun Bags Scare Me

Feb 04th, 2010

Listen, I might be a chick, but I'll give props to a hot chick when I see 'em---regardless that I'm straight. I'll give anyone the thumbs up if they do, but while I might have applauded Pamela Anderson 15 years ago for this, I'm pretty much scared for the skin that covers her silicone enhanced chest.

Nothing in the world should ever look that up, round, and in perfect position. I'd rather watch Barbed Wire ten times over than have to stare at these ridiculous fun bags. Something tells me her rack should jump ship and open up its own ice cream shop. Don't ask me why, but I see these pictures and I think ice cream.

February 04th, 2010 by Tags: Pamela Anderson, fun bags, boobs, ridiculous, huge
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