Pamela Anderson's Still Relevant Enough To Have A Stalker

Jan 05th, 2011

There are still people out there who are fans of Pamela Anderson. So much so a 21-year-old kid has been arrested for stalking the former Baywatch star. And Pammy was so shaken up-and we swear it wasn't her fake nips shaking her entire bod.

Pammi looked terrified as four officers carted the long-haired 21-year-old, dressed all in black, along the platform at Liverpool’s Lime Street station. She had just finished her last performance in Aladdin at the city’s Empire Theatre before boarding the 8.48pm to London Euston. The unnamed suspect has allegedly been following her to various venues since she arrived in England.

A witness said police quickly brought the situation under control. He added: “A load of them jumped on him and sprayed him before hauling him off by his arms and legs. [Pam] was shaken up, but glad he was taken away before anything happened.”

The man is said to have been warned previously to stay away from the star.

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