Parents Give Miley Cyrus the Pregnant Talk

Oct 31st, 2008

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus both spoke with their daughter, Miley, about all the ins and outs of pregnancy. They certainly don't want her to end up like Jamie Lynn Spears, with a prematurely quick, career ending game changer. Props to the parents on this one. Let's pray to God that Miley Cyrus does not get pregnant by a 20-year-old underwear model. Amen.

Miley Cyrus shocked Ryan Seacrest's radio audience when she revealed on air that when it comes to her relationship with 20-year-old underwear model Justin Gaston, "our families are like, 'Whatever happens, happens.' "

"I told her in no uncertain terms that her career would be over if something stupid were to happen," Billy Ray admitted to a friend. "I think I made an impression on her at least, I hope so."

"Tish and Billy Ray told Miley, one bad decision and she could forget the showbiz glamour she'd have to be home feeding the baby, changing diapers and living the life of a teen mom," reveals an insider. (source)

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