Paris & Nicole Hilton Snubbed From Khloe Kardashian Wedding

Oct 07th, 2009

This was a good move---why increase the probability of your guests contacting some type of disease with the Hiltons around? The Kardashians are already enough. Khloe Kardashian must have kept this in mind when she decided to keep both Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton off of her guest list.

Even though they were best friends growing up, turns out the Hiltons were not welcomed at Khloe's big fake reception. Come on, this is totally because Kim Kardashian wanted the spotlight all to herself. She follows in Paris' footsteps: 1) Sex tape score to fame CHECK 2) Talk with a stupid fake voice CHECK 3) Date everyone and their dad CHECK.

They were BFFs growing up, but neither Nicky Hilton nor her sister, Paris, was invited to Khloe Kardashian’s wedding on Sunday.

We caught up with Nicky over the weekend as she celebrated her 26th birthday a few days early at Dusk nightclub at Caesar’s Palace in Atlantic City, NJ. While the Hiltons and Kardashians were friends growing up, these days, it seems they’ve grown apart. "I wasn’t invited to Khloe’s wedding this weekend," Nicky admitted, "but if I had been, I would have stuck to ordering her a gift off her registry - it’s always the way to go. None of our family was invited to the wedding." (source)

Boo freakin' hoo.

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