Paris Hilton Buries The Hatchet And Helps Lindsay Lohan

Jun 26th, 2010

Firecrotch will always live on in my mind, but Paris Hilton has decided to leave all that behind and mend her broken friendship with Lindsay Lohan. Apparently Paris is trying to help the troubled actress. Yes because Paris Hilton is the perfect mentor for that.

Anyway, according to an insider, Paris is deeply concerned about Lindsay's well-being.

"Paris is worried that Lindsay has hit rock bottom and doesn't want something terrible to happen to her," an insider divulged. "She wants to put the past behind them. Paris texted Lindsay, and they've talked. Both she and Paris promised to make a fresh start. Paris definitely understands what Lindsay is going through," said the insider. "She's been to jail and wants Lindsay to get help before she ends there or somewhere worse." (Print Edition - 6/21)

And then watch if Lindsay somehow pulls it together, Paris "writes" a book on how she helped her. Gotta bank on it while it's fresh!

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