Paris Hilton Desperately Wants To Be In A 'Twilight' Flick

Dec 30th, 2009

Who knew Paris Hilton had a stalker inside herself? While lunching in West Hollywood the other day, Paris somehow recognized two Twilight producers at the same eatery. Basically to sum this up, she made a fool of herself while pretty much begging to audition for the next sequel.

According to The National Enquirer:

Paris Hilton spotted two "Twilight" producers lunching at West Hollywood eatery Mario's, so she darted over, hyping: "Hi, I'm Paris Hilton, and I'd love to audition for one of the leads in your next sequel!"

Interrupted mid-nosh, the execs were polite, then visibly annoyed as Paris ignored their "We'll get back to you" brush-off, chirping she'd bring "lots of publicity" to the already world-famous franchise because "everyone knows who I am." One producer finally snapped: "Thanks, but we have more than enough publicity as it is!" (Print Edition - 12/28) (source)

I mean it's already enough with Kristen Stewart's sighing. I don't know if I could handle Paris Hilton as anything remotely serious...unless this was a porn spoof because we've already seen Paris that way.

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