Paris Hilton Dumps Her Douche, Doug Reinhardt

Jun 11th, 2009

Not that we’re surprised because Paris Hilton holding down a guy is almost as realistic as her great skills at giving—we all saw the video, we don’t need to go any further. Looks like the heiress has given social whore Doug Reinhardt the boot. We’ll give her kudos for making it last almost six months. We’re surprised she was able to count that high.

Insiders reveal exclusively to that on Tuesday night a distraught Doug showed up at Paris' house after getting into a fight, only to be turned away.

"Paris lives in a gated community and the guards were told not to let him in," a source tells us. "Doug refused to leave, though. The authorities had to be called!" (source)

And PerezHilton also says her family and friends weren’t too thrilled about the Reinhardt relationship claiming the once Hills star was out to further his own “fame.” No shizz, Sherlock. Looks like we have a bunch of detectives in the Hilton family—who knew!

"Paris hopes they can have a clean split and he will be gentlemanly about it," a Hilton source tells us. (source)

If this kid was looking for his big break into fame, he may have just found it. We await the covers of Us Weekly, People, and Life&Style to buy his “She’s A Cheap Trick, I’m A Lucky Mo” story. Let the countdown begin.

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