Paris Hilton Finds Another Victim in Cristiano Ronaldo

Jun 15th, 2009

Looks like it didn't take too much time for Paris to get over Doug Reinhardt and unleash that inner whore we all love and know. Things are getting hot and heavy for Paris Hilton and her new victim, multi-million dollar soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. Okay just because they were caught making out and hanging out two nights in a row doesn't mean much in our books. We really think they met up to exchange numbers for the perfect orange glow.

Last Thursday, the two met at a club before heading back to sister Nicky Hilton's house where we're sure a game of "Pin-the-Tale-on-the-One-with-the-Most-STDs" took place. Then on Friday the orange glow skin soccer player showed up at a going away party for Paris since the heiress is off to Dubai to film her BFF reality show. Seriously? People in Dubai are that desperate? We already know LA's all about that, but Dubai we had hope.

Anyway, he only stayed for a couple of hours, but that was more than enough to lend her extra hair grease for the trip. We're pretty sure with a slick and a squeeze, Ronaldo gives Danny Zuko a run for his grease.

The night, revealed exclusively in yesterday’s Sun, ended with them going back to the home of her sister NICKY.

Ronaldo was there until 5am. (source)

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