Paris Hilton Is A "Horrible Excuse Of A Human Being" So Says Sarah Shahi

Apr 26th, 2011

Sarah Shahi just became our favorite person. If you don't know her, she's on the show Fairly Legal...and after this post, you'll love her like I do. Miss Shahi took to her Twitter to say some not so nice things about Paris Hilton. Is it wrong we agree with her?

"Worst driver ever," Shahi writes. "Almost hit me, then ran a stop sign. What if there was a kid around the corner, you dumb b----."

But the Fairly Legal star did not stop there.

Calling Hilton a "blonde piece of sh--," Shahi says in her Friday post she should "apologize to humanity."

"Horrible excuse for a human being," the former L Word star continues.

"I wouldn't be as pissed if I weren't a mom," Shahi, who has son William Wolf Howey, almost 2, says. "What an irresponsible person. What a lame existence."


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